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Are you ready to step into your Confident Business Diva Self, create a unique thriving business, and make 6 figures every year… Doing what makes you Ecstatic?

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Heartfelt Testimonials

My clients say…
LYENA_STRELKOFF_0061“From the verge of failure, my launch surged to $14,000!”

“I’d been promoting very heavily for several weeks but, one week before my small group, platinum program, was set to begin, I only had one client enrolled. Doubt and fear were beginning to overwhelm me.

Then, I had a coaching call with Christina. She got me roaring, REALLY roaring, and told me to write the story of where the remaining clients would come from.

As I was writing, I heard my e-mail ding. When I’d finished writing, I checked my e-mail and found a YES from a woman who, the week before, had said no. Two days later, another YES. Two days after that, ANOTHER one.

Christina really re-ignited my fire, and everything I have to offer came shining through. From the verge of failure, my launch surged to $14,000!”
Lyena Strelkoff

sandy dow 500Before working with Christina, a had a healing practice where I booked one session at a time, and had word of mouth referrals, I had been getting dissatisfied and frustrated feeling there must be a better way of promoting myself and doing my work. One day I stumbled on a talk of Christina’s and her message resonated with me and felt drawn to join her CBD program. Fast forward one year later, I now have a new website, facebook page, youtube videos, and can talk about what I do with confidence! My income has more than doubled and I now have dream clients that I love to work with. This program offered both structure and the powerful experience you receive when connected with other women moving through the same personal growth process.

I help entreprenurial women break free from burnout and stress, so they can get the confidence and clarity they need to rock their performance in their business and life.
Calm your stress. Create your success.
Taking care of you while you take care of business.

Michelle White Hart 500Before working with Christina, my somatic coaching business was really a passion and a hobby, not a business. I knew nothing about business and I struggled with getting clients, marketing, and even speaking about what I did. I felt rather all over the place, very ineffective , unenthused, lethargic and unempowered. But after the Confident Business Diva program I was completely, internally reorganized and all of my different passions came together in a completely new and unique business! Marketing became a fun adventure and I discovered how creative being an entrepreneur is! I am now energized and inspired and creating new programs and making decent money for the first time in my life!! I have a business that I am totally thrilled and proud of, that totally reflects my values and my clients get to experience transformation while they learn to make awesome videos and build their businesses! It is a total Win-win and sooooo satisfying! I would absolutely recommend Christina because she is an incredibly intuitive healer AND a very creative, kick-ass business coach. She is utterly unique in her approach and can help you integrate all of your talents into the most perfectly aligned business for YOU so that you live your mission with zest and earn money doing it!
Michelle Hart

Video Visiblity Mentor- “Activate Your Leadership on Video!”

CBD-Lucinda-600“After joining Christina’s Confident Business Diva program, I had my first $14K month”

“Before working with Christina, I was making $1200 per month with my day job and was only able to take on random freelance clients where I wasn’t making much more. My schedule was packed, I was on overwhelm and not feeling like I was fulfilling my bigger soul mission. I lived from pay check to pay check trying to make ends meet. After beginning the business path with Christina, things started shifting FAST. I began experiencing new levels of business confidence, wealth consciousness, and much deeper levels of self-worth. As a result, so much has changed in my life! I’ve woven all of my gifts together into one inclusive package where I help women step into their online luminosity from a soul-essence place and attract clients they love with their Prosperity Branding, their website and online presence. I am now attracting exactly my ideal clients as conscious transformational leaders with big missions, have quit my day job (!) and am making almost 10x the amount I was before! In fact, the first month after quitting my job and then after joining Christina’s Confident Business Diva program, I had my first 14K month! I feel radiant and have stepped into the next level of my life purpose to empower women making differences in the world. I would absolutely recommend Christina because she’s one of the deepest heart-full magicians I know, and in addition to being incredibly effective, she is SO much fun as a business coach. If you open the door, she might make miracles happen in your life, too!”

Lucinda Kinch, Your Prosperity Branding Mentor
Turn your Online Presence into Gold


Liz Vequist 215Before working with Christina I hated marketing and didn’t feel confident “putting myself out there”. The truth is that I was hiding behind dry and boring marketing. Through working with Christina in the Confident Business Diva program I was able to transform my visibility fears. As I became more visible in my business and let my personality shine through, I discovered creative and fun ways to market myself through graphics and video. I found out that marketing in this way is not only a lot more fun, it is also very effective. As a result, I’ve had three successful marketing launches and reached my goal of bringing in $50k in 6 months. I also feel more confident both in my business and personal life. I highly recommend working with Christina if you want to transform the blocks and fears holding you back from being confident and successful in your business.

Liz Vequist
I help women over 35 look and feel Slim, Fit and Sexy without dieting or deprivation.

miscioWhen I first started working with Christina, I was really struggling in my business and felt so uncomfortable integrating my entrepreneurial expertise with my executive coaching. My limiting beliefs about how best to serve clients kept me small so I wasn’t having much fun, making enough money or inspiring women to claim their financial independence like I am today.

Christina challenged me to go deeper into both my personal and professional past to free my seven figure future and, as tedious as it was at times, the results have been completely transformative! I enrolled a new VIP client right after our first phone call together and then again after we distilled down to my new signature program: Creating Seven Figure Success with your Boutique Business.

I feel so confident in myself and clear in my mission plus I more than doubled my rates. Christina not only helps you get tangible, bottom-line results, she creates a beautiful community for you to share the journey with. I’ve learned so much from her skillful mentoring and will always be profoundly grateful.

Erika Miscio
Boutique Business Mentor


“Before participating in Christina Morassi’s Confident Business Diva Program, my fear of visibility and lack of confidence kept my business struggling. My business was work; work I believed in, yet was missing essential parts of me. Now, because of Christina’s help bringing all of me into my business- my passion, my fun & creativity, my experience & expertise, I have a business I LOVE.

The confidence & visibility transformation that she offers translates into clients, programs and speaking engagements, instead of sitting in an office alone trying to figure it all out by myself.”

Dorine Nafziger
Postpartum Wonder Woman

CHRISTEL_ARCUCCI_0243 Before working with Christina, I was struggling to transition from a brick and mortar healing arts studio into a business that brought together all my gifts to serve a global audience. During our time together, I systemized and launched two programs and up-leveled all aspects of my business. I am now making more money in less time. After working with her I am on track to make six-figures in 2014, woohoo! I was featured in a national magazine, performed in front of hundreds and i have a clear plan to build a multiple six-figure business on my terms. My lifestyle business is thriving and my income is increasing every month. As a result of our work together I have experienced powerful personal healing from Christina’s soul-retrevial style business coaching. I would absolutely recommend Christina because she can help alchemize the crap that is holding you back. You will activate your power and step in to center stage in your life and business.  As a lone wolf, i found the sisterhood of the Confident Business Divas was priceless. We created lifetime connections in the potent container she invited us into. Jump in, JUICY life and business TRANSFORMATION awaits you!
amandanoelle“I sold two of my packages within the first month of Confident Business Diva”

“Oh my Goddess, prior to working with Christina, I thought I was doing amazingly well because I’d figured out how to successfully fill my practice within 9 months, all by myself. But what I didn’t know, thanks to Christina’s help, was that I was working waaay to hard, and charging waaaay to little for my time. I ended up crashing and burning because I was working so hard for the money. But within 3 months of working with Christina, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t even able to undercharge. Like it seemed totally self-degrading and ridiculous, like wearing something from the 9th grade. Isn’t it hilarious? Before working with Christina, I used to not feel worth it or able to ask for the money I desired; now I kinda LOVE asking my soulmate-clients I’m supposed to work with for great deals of money, because I know they are getting a great deal working with me! It even feels kinda sexy. Get this: my biggest package used to be $1797, and I hustled to sell it. Now that I am a Confident Business Diva, I am charging $7,000 for a 9-month package. And guess what!? Already in my first month, I have sold two of these packages! Plus I sold two smaller 6-month packages at $5,000 each. I am financially totally taken care of for the next 9 months, it now I feel like I’m married to the most amazing Ka$h King! These new clients who signed up are more committed, abundant, and energetically matched for what I have to offer. Plus, I’ll now have more time to hit the gym, beaches of Los Angeles, and enjoy sipping green juice from my new luxury apartment that I can now afford. I would absolutely recommend working with Christina if your mother didn’t teach you how to charge ridiculous amounts of money doing what you love and are meant to do, with the clients you’re meant to serve. It makes you feel Ecstatic all over! “
-Dr. Amanda Noelle, Twin Flame Matchmaker


“Christina you are my Secret weapon to wealth creation!”

“Christina you are my secret weapon to wealth creation! The first time I worked with you, I went on to make $54,000 in 6 weeks and the second time we worked together, I lovingly received $23,000 from new amazing clients within 3 days of our time together. That’s why I call you my secret weapon to success! Words cannot explain the depths in which you dive with your clients. You hold space for quantum cellular transformation that shifts me on all layers of my being; from my inner child, to motherhood, to intimacy with my soul mate as well as how I serve my own clients. I love watching you shine! You are so down to earth, real, genuine, authentic and relatable which is so refreshing! I love your VISION and mission on the planet in serving multi-talented women create businesses that don’t even exist yet. The world needs you! Working with you is like MAGIC!””

Amanda Moxley,

“My income SKYROCKETED and I experienced my first $10,000 month”

“Since joining the Confident Business Diva program, I have seen soooo much transformation in myself and my business that I barely recognize the Jess Webb from before! My income SKYROCKETED and I experienced my first $10,000 month, $15,000 month and $10,000 WEEK, putting me right on track to get to 6-figures in the next year.

I’ve also really stepped into more visibility, putting myself out there more with videos and free calls, having a sponsor table at Christina’s event and dressing up way more often when I’m out and about. It feels sooo good to be seen and appreciated, and I feel like I’m getting my message out in a much bigger way, impacting more people and am truly becoming a well-known expert in my field!  Christina works so intuitively and shamanically and I feel like my soul is nourished as well as my business. I love the experiences that she creates and feel like I’m right at home in the Ecstatic Tribe.

Jess Webb,

“Opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities!”

Jo Westwood“Christina has helped me make a step change in my career from being totally stuck in a limited old paradigm business as a designer maker, to a being a new paradigm entrepreneur with more money, more time, more fulfilment and less stress!

Working with Christina has shown me how I can create the lifestyle that I want, by combining all my gifts in a totally new and unique way, so I have no competition. I am now able to charge (and receive!) $1000 a day for my services, and for the first time since I left my 9-5 three years ago I consistently have more money in my account each month than I did when I was salaried.

In just a few short months I have been able to expand my mind, my business and my income, shed fears around visibility, travel the world, hang out with pioneering entrepreneurs and truly step into my inner rockstar!”

Jo Westwood,

“I was able to gain 5 new clients and increase my earnings by $12,332! ”

“I met Christina at an event in San Diego where she was a guest speaker. As soon as she stepped onto the stage and before she even spoke, I knew that she had exactly what I wanted. Integrity.

I’ve been working with Christina for only about 5 months now and in that short amount of time {in my spare time while working, raising a son and trying to “find myself”} I was able to gain 5 new clients and increase my earnings by $12,332. I’ve become much more in tune with myself as a woman, mother, businesswoman and leader and that is heightening and increasing my ability to open doors to the things I REALLY WANT – a very bright, beautiful and brilliant ME. I can honestly say that my very own gifts are being taken to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Lisa Shozuya,

“I signed 4 clients to my Body Love Goddess VIP program that same week.”

“I had some consultations for my Body Love Goddess VIP program and there was something getting in the way of me fully owning my worth as a coach. I was beginning to believe the thought No one is going to invest in this program. Ugh!

Then, I had an AHA! moment…I realized that if I wasn’t investing in myself, my growth as a powerful woman and coach, how could I expect my clients to do the same?

As soon as I committed to working with Christina, all that changed. I signed 4 clients to my Body Love Goddess VIP program that same week. I feel 100% confident that I am worth investing in myself and am worthy of clients investing in themselves with me. Let the transformation begin!!!”

Richele Henry,

“I have had my biggest revenue month yet and people are asking me to do talks (in my target market)”.

“Before working with Christina, I was afraid of “being seen”, Christina helped me heal some past issues to completely get over that and feel like a rockstar! I was also really confused and not understanding how all my gifts could create my own unique brand.

Together we had some breakthrough discoveries and now I have complete clarity in who I am and who I serve. Since this clarity, I have had my biggest revenue month yet and people are asking me to do talks (in my target market) and write articles for them. I feel like the universe is hearing my call!”

Heather Jernigan,

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How I Can Help

  • You have so many passions and interests you can’t pick just ONE thing to do.
  • You know you have a BIG MISSION on this planet.
  • You are ready to up-level your business.

Don’t wait for someday! Join me now in one of my signature programs!

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About Christina

You won’t believe the transformation I’ve gone through! Flip through my incredible journey!

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