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Don’t miss this experiential 2-week virtual
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These 12 “Wild & Wealthy Women” reveal how
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Get ready for this Online Activation so you can…

  • Get clear on what makes you valuable to attract more clients
  • Bust through any blocks that may be keeping you stuck
  • Get the confidence to come out of hiding, so the world can hear your ROAR
  • Shift your relationship with money to a healthy thriving one
  • Kickstart your great big mission on the planet
  • And much, much, more…
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It’s time for women entrepreneurs
to create an Unforgettable
UPROAR in Business.
Here are the 3 Stages HOW:
Stage 1              Rock your Purpose

Create a unique personal brand so your marketing stands out!

Stage 2              Make Money

Get unstuck & create more money with confidence and ease!

Stage 3              Change the World

Start a movement to reach people around the planet with your message!


These juicy video interviews with 12
“Wild & Wealthy Women” will reveal…
  • How every successful women has hit her own Rock Bottom, and
    managed to find her way out
  • Why breaking the rules can lead to the most lucrative and ecstatic
  • The #1 way to blend all your gifts into 1 thriving business that stands
  • The 5 juicy secrets you must know if you are serious about getting off of
    the money roller coaster ride
  • How to become the leader of your own movement so you can deeply
    serve others and make a big contribution
  • Why your clients WILL pay for a high-end program with you, even in
    this economy
  • Change your relationship with $$$ from a Monster into your “Money
  • Learn the two simple words that will forever change how you deal with
    adversity in sales
    (and life) – and how to use them
  • Why you don’t have to squeeze into a teeny tiny limited box to find your
  • Right your relationship to debt so you can stop beating yourself up or
    thinking you don’t have access to all the resources you need right now
  • How these 3 secrets can make your business full of pleasure, and
    profitable too

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Where is this event located and when?

YOU can UPROAR with us from anywhere, because this is ALL taking place for FREE online. So no matter WHERE
you are, it’s absolutely perfect!

You will access all of the video interviews through a FREE online webcast from the comfort of your own home.

The interviews will be airing June 4th – 15th… And then stay tuned for fun events to be added too!

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There’s no reason you should be feeling stuck when it comes to creating the thriving business of your dreams.

There’s only one of You on this planet… And we need your brilliance NOW!

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on your own terms.

We’re waiting for YOU to take your place in the UPROAR… I can’t wait to “see” you there!

Christina Morassi UPROAR
To Your Ecstatic Wealth,

Christina Morassi

 Your UPROAR Host & Activator